Photographing Ospreys diving on a lake hitting and carrying off a big old trout has to be one of the highlights of any wildlife photographer's career... which is why it is so addictive... you go once.. and believe me, you'll be back again for more.


General Information

Based in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, we will photograph Ospreys diving on a small lochan over 3 mornings.. very early starts to get into the hides before dawn, set up our cameras and wait for the action to unfold...! Photography will be from 2 different hides.. one from a "head-on" position and the other from a "side-on" position.

The Osprey action is all but done by about 10am at the latest which means we have the entire day for some other photography trips.. these may include, photography from a hide to photograph Otters and Red Squirrels.. photography from a hide to photograph Pine Marten or a trip to photograph red grouse.

Gallery of photos from the head-on hide:


Gallery of photos from the side-on hide:



The ideal camera kit would include the following:

  •  DSLR Body
  •  mid telephoto - 70-200mm
  •  long telephoto lens - 300mm or 400mm
  •  macro lens anything from 100mm up... for photographing bugs and little creatures..
  •  1.4x and/or 2x teleconverter
  •  laptop, portable external hard-drive to back-up and store your photos, card reader, european plug adaptors, battery chargers etc..
  •  monopod or tripod (as light but also as strong as possible!)
  •  beanbag to rest your camera on in the Osprey hide;


What's Included...

  • 3 mornings in the Osprey Hides
  • other daytime/evening excursions for Red Grouse, Pine Marten, Red Squirrel etc.. depending on group's desires
  • guiding & transportation on any other excursions we might take dependant upon the time allowed to us and energy levels of the group.. the early rises will use up alot of energy..!
  • snacks & refreshments in the hides


Things for you to arrange...

  • transport to/from Aviemore;
  • accommodation for your 4 nights with us.. and longer if you intend on an extended stay;
  • meals & drinks
  • insurances - travel, medical, equipment



Distances to the osprey hides are minimal and over easy ground so no especially high level of fitness is required for this trip... other excursions may be a little further and over uneven ground but we will select excursions and routes to suit all abilities.


Dates & Price...

Aim to arrive Monday 9th July 2018 at Aviemore... for shooting on the mornings of the 10th, 11th and 12th.. depart at your leisure after our shoot on the 12th

10/07/2018 - 12/07/2018    

GBP £600.00 or EUR €700

max group size : 8 - shooting from 2 hides
min group size: 4


  • dates could be subject to change depending on availability of the hides... the earlier you book the more likley we will have the dates above..!
  • please feel free to use the "Book Now" button above (note: this will be charged in Euros) or please feel free to book direct with me either via email or over the phone on 07768 170 749