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Alexandra Tzavella

Photojournalism & Reportage and Street Photography workshops - Editor/Journalist

Since High School, writing was always my life aspiration. After my University Studies, Journalism was the best way to realize this and allow me to express this need (and ambition) in a structured, co-ordinated and certainly more public manner. I am 29 years old, I have worked for the biggest daily and Sunday newspapers in Greece (Kathimerini, Eleftheros Tipos, ) and at this time I'm starting working on my first web documentary projects. New challenges in Journalism were always my key drive, as was the opportunity to cover and write about diverse topics, people and issues. With a clear focus on the truth, the facts, the teamwork and the independence of the cursor blinking on my screen. I have covered themes and news of a very diverse nature: Athens riots, Legal and Illegal Immigrants in Greece, Substance Abuse in Athens, Women’s Trafficking in Greece and abroad, the 2007 fires that devastated the Pelloponese Region in Southern Greece, Abandoned Children in Athens, Multiculturalism and the Openness towards other Religions in Greece, the Business Vs. Societal Model of Dubai, malaria in Greece, Chinese investors in the Port of Piraeus (COSCO) and others. Personal Interviews were made of prominent cultural figures in Greece, actors, artists, performers and writers – not always pertaining to their perceived “areas of interest”. After all, journalism for me, is the way to feed the hungry monster of curiosity- and keep it alive.


Stratis Vogiatzis

Photojournalism & Reportage and Street Photography workshops - Guest Speaker/Course Leader

Stratis Vogiatzis was born on Chios island. He studied Economics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam with the theme of children and political violence in Palestine. He has completed many photographic assignments and commissions both in Greece and overseas, most notably in India, Vietnam, Morocco, Tanzania, Iran, Kosovo, Mexico and Turkey. He has published four photography books of his works and has taken part in various group and individual exhibitions both in Greece and Internationally. He has received awards for his works many of which have been placed in museums on permanent exhibit as well as in private collections.

Recently Stratis completed his project entitled, "People of the Sea", wherein he documented the lives of fishermen of the Mediterranean over a period of 5 years. Since 2010 Stratis has involved himself with the making of documentaries many of which have received awards at International film festivals.

In 2011 Stratis commenced his "Caravan Project", a road trip through Greece and her remotest regions recording and documenting peoples' stories. Follow Stratis progress and the amazing work he is producing in his Caravan Project here...



Photo-reportage courses in Athens and surrounds will aim to present an intensive crash-course in photojournalism throwing students into the deep end covering live stories and events. Students will receive ongoing classes & tutorials both one-to-one and as a group throughout the 6 day course by George and invited guest tutors and will be paired up with local working journalists with whom they will work on live assignments, all the while being guided by George and his associates.

The course will aim to teach students how to put together a photo story and will cover subjects such as how to research stories, elements of a photo essay.. exploring the methodology of documentary reportage photography and encouraging students in the initiation of their own projects whilst guiding them in the pursuit of their own particular style and vision.


Courses for 2016 will be announced soon... 

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