Islay the ‘Queen of the Hebrides’ and next to her Jura are part of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides and are a couple of the last true wildernesses in the UK.

Popular among bird-watchers but largely over-looked by the photography community these islands offer fantastic opportunities to photograph beautiful wild things in beautiful wild places.

Getting there and getting around is by no means easy but is well worth the effort and most trips are well rewarded by great chances to view and photograph some of the UK’s most loved wildlife.


General Information


At the moment we are only able to offer one trip which will be for 5 days and timed to be during the peak of the red deer rutting season on Jura.

This is also peak migration time for birds and should see the return to Islay of Barnacle and White-Fronted Greese from Greenland in their thousands.

Flocks of thousands of geese are not only a wonderful spectacle for us to photograph but also present an opportunity (if we are lucky) to photograph the island's resident Golden and White-tailed eagles taking advantage of nature's seasonal bounty.


All transportation whilst on the islands is included in the package price and will include... trips to Jura to photograph the Red Deer in rut and Sea Otters along the coast.. to Portnahaven Harbour to photograph Common and Grey Seals and to RSPB Loch Gruinart to photograph the Geese and other birds... as well as any other opportunity that may arise... weather in Scotland is changeable and so we will try to be flexible with it it and the itinerary might change from day-to-day.

Be prepared for some early starts..!


Ideal camera equipment to help you gain the most of your week with us on Islay & Jura would be a standard digital SLR camera with a wide and a telephoto lens.

The ideal camera kit would include the following:

- DSLR Body

- wide angle lens

- mid telephoto - 70-200mm

- long telephoto lens - 300mm or 400mm or even 600mm if your budget stretches to it.!

- 1.4x and/or 2x teleconverter

- laptop, portable external hard-drive to back-up and store your photos, card reader, battery chargers etc..

- monopod or tripod (as light but also as strong as possible!)

- beanbag... we will most likely do quite a bit of shooting from the vehicle using it as a mobile hide, so a beanbag which you can drape over the window ledge to protect both the car and your lens would definitely be useful.



Accommodation on the islands is actually quite limited and so depending on numbers and availabilities, we will be staying in either a B&B or a cottage which we will have to ourselves.. in case of the latter a chef will be preparing breakfasts & lunches and dinners for us... rest assured the accommodation will be comfy and the food delicious..!

Whats Included..

- all accommodations for the duration of your stay

- breakfasts, lunches & dinners (lunches will normally be of the "packed" variety though we might on occasion stop at a nice pub..!

- refreshments on excursions;

- transfers to and from Islay airport;

- daily trips by 4x4

Flights should be booked to Islay Airport where you will be met and driven to the accommodation... there are usually two flights a day via Glasgow.


What's not included..

- flights 

- Insurance (recommended you have full health, medical, travel and equipment insurance);

- alcoholic drinks;


We try to tailor tours to meet the physical abilities of guests and most excursions will not be too strenuous... as a general rule if you can walk 200 meters with kit you’ll be fine.. some of the time we will be able to use the vehicle as a mobile hide so no walking will be required... at other spots, such as at RSPB sites, this is not possible though walking is generally over flat, groomed footpaths...

please note:
whilst we try to make trips as comfortable as possible, the nature of these tours does mean that some discomfort may have to, on occasion, be endured.

wildlife & bird photography workshops, tours & holidays to Islay & Jura, Scotland's Inner Hebrides:

Our group sizes are usually only 4 people to ensure the least possible disturbance to the birds & animals and maximum potential for us to successfully photograph them as well as give you the best attention and help we can.

02/10/2017 - 06/10/2017

To Be Confirmed.. please contact me directly if you are interested in this trip.

5 Day Red Deer Rut - wildlife & bird photography workshop


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various birds photographed during our wildlife and bird photography workshops at lake kerkini