Guest Post : TUSK PHOTO - Wildlife Photography Tours & Safaris

Great article from TUSK PHOTO who offer amazing wildlife photography tours and safaris mainly in Africa but also in North & South America on gearing up for wildlife photography.. one of the most important of which is, in my own humble opinion, in the last section mentioned in their great infographic below... "hire a LOCAL guide"..!

This one tip can in itself make or break an expensive trip..

Firstly... local guides with local knowledge can save you time hunting around for the wildlife you are there to photograph... they know the animals and their behaviours, they know the area and can take you to places you are most likely to see things, basically.. they can put you in the right place at the right time..!

Secondly and very importantly they can keep you safe..! It is not only from the animals that you could potentially be in danger from.. the weather and the terrain can be dangerous too and local guides will know when it is safe to venture out and where it is safe to venture out..!

Have fun planning.. gearing up and getting out there..! Enjoy and be safe..!