Lake Kerkini - Wildlife & Bird Photography Workshop

Fabulous first afternoon at Lake Kerkini.. most of the group a bit tired after some long journeys today.. but I think everyone perked up when we came off the highway from the airport on to the local road towards Lake Kerkini and were greeted by a flock of about 30 White Storks.. followed soon after by many very beautiful Bee-eaters flitting around the canals on the drive in to the Lake.

After bags dropped at hotel, refreshments and a quick briefing we had enough time to spend a couple of hours down at Mandraki harbour before sunset following a bunch of Squacco Herons feeding in the little harbour... also seen at Mandraki Harbour and photographed but not shown below, as the main theme were the Squacco's, were... Purple Heron (1) Grey Heron (3) Great Crested Grebes (6 pairs all with little ones!) Marsh Harrier (1) Dalmatian Pelican (1) Coots (3 pairs) White Egrets (2) Black Headed Gulls (12)...

And here are a sample of the shots that were taken.. including one of a lovely Damselfly that I had to include because she looked so pretty.!