Lake Kerkini - Spring/Summer wildlife photography workshops

So after a full five days on the lake I think we can count our first Spring/Summer wildlife photography tour a success.  Quite a few firsts too in terms of bird sightings and some really great photography... including a flock of about 30 Eleonora's Falcons swooping close by, catching and eating insects on the wing... a Black Kite chasing a Kestrel for about 3 minutes (the Kestrel escaped.!)... the location of a Syrian Woodpecker nest and some great images of Mummy bird bring grubs to her little one... a flock of thousands of cormorants which was simply phenomenal to witness all take flight together... and many many more... some samples of our images & species we saw below... next trip to Lake Kerkini is planned as an early autumn trip on 28th September to 5th October this year... hope you can join us.. there's still a few places left..!